DigiTral audio piece by Matheos & Georgios

Program Note:

DigiTral by Matheos & Georgios is conceptualized by the transformation of the natural society to the digitalization of human life. Presently, we are at a middle point that is departing an organic living to a digitally assisted one in which both composers were capable of collaboration from across the world. There is a delicate intrusion from the immersive and digital technologies which comforts our journey into this new uncharted world. Matheos composed using the assistance of machine learning to inform his decisions and digitally generated sounds. Georgios composed with his intuition adding from his personal archive of field recordings from around the world. This piece presents a sonic experience with the interpretation of natural and digital sounds that are in a current state of suspension. With each passing day, our human journey is challenged on new frontiers as we slowly all become digital beings.

Year of composition: 2020

Duration: 10m03s

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