Changing One’s Mind

Changing One's Mind audio piece by Matheos & Georgios

Program note:

Changing One’s Mind by Matheos & Georgios is an attempt to sonically portray the effects of psychosis. The intent of our auditory exploration is to immerse the listener in two different physical acoustical spaces in which provokes deception and unfamiliarity. This is guided by themes of duality and space which challenge by fracturing a person’s sense of reality. With homage to Karlheinz Stockhausen’s directional sound in performance, the use of outdoor field and indoor multi-channel recordings are to evoke a sense of a surreal experience. Throughout the construction of the project, both artists continuously exposed different forms of intervention which tied to its creation. This piece bridges human consciousness and sound art in order to bring attention to societal awareness and mental health.

Year of composition: 2018

Duration: 8m54s

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