Matheos Zaharopoulos official portrait photo

Matheos Zaharopoulos was born and raised in Montreal, Canada in 1991. From a young age, he has been involved with philosophical exploration through music and sound. He has completed his undergraduate degree in the Electroacoustics Studies program at Concordia University and waiting for graduation where he will receive the title Pass with Great Distinction with his degree. Matheos has always been fascinated with the technological progression of digital audio workstations, audio processors and playback systems which can be seen in such of his works with binaural and multichannel recordings. He is inspired by the connection and strings of logic between disciplines. As an artist, Matheos, uses all of his sonic art to express subconscious streams from his own psyche focusing on balancing creative energy, external influences, and developmental strategies. 

His works spread across soundscapes, audio media, visual-audio media, psychoacoustics, electronic music. He has been featured three years in a row for the 60×60 – an interdisciplinary show gathering works from music, contemporary dance, and theatre. His visual-audio work involving musical composition and sound design is featured in, “The Broken Girl – Short Film,” published on MadHat Cinema YouTube Channel. He is also credited as boom operator on the independent feature length film, “The Socio Paths Guild,” as listed on IMDb.com, the international movie database website. Apart from his sound art projects, he has been also an awardee of the Paul Awardin Electroacoustics (2017-2018). He was a teacher assistant for Concordia University under Professor Ricardo Dal Farra in courses which involve multimedia, sound history, and art practices.

In the upcoming months, Matheos will be embarking on new projects and research.

To see more of Matheos personal work, visit him at: https://matheoszaharopoulos.com/

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