Georgios Varoutsos official portrait photo

Georgios Varoutsos (b.1991) is a sound artist and researcher from Montreal, Canada. He is completing his PhD at Queen’s University Belfast with SARC: Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Sound and Music. He received a Master’s in Research in Arts & Humanities with a concentration in Sonic Arts from Queen’s University Belfast, passing with distinction. Additionally, he earned a BFA with Distinction in Electroacoustic Studies and a BA in Anthropology from Concordia University in Montreal. 

As an artist, he explores the field of sound through an extensive range of projects which have been presented globally in the form of concerts, installations, exhibitions, and presentations. His audio creations derive from different inspirations such as field recordings, digital recordings, amplified sound materials, audio processing, synthesis, and experimental techniques. 

He is presently interested in research and practice involving urban arts, spatial audio, sonic arts, socially engaged arts, and themes around sounds, places, and spaces.

To see more of Georgios personal work, visit him at: https://georgiosvaroutsos.com/





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