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Matheos & Georgios portrait photo for artist duo group

Matheos & Georgios is a partnership composed of two life-long friends who have multiple interests in sound design, acousmatic composition, and sonic arts. Through their studies in Electroacoustics at Concordia University (Montreal, Canada), they have acquired a different set of interests and passions. This includes avenues of exploration into sound research, performance, media manipulation, recording, sound practices, and technology. By merging their skills they have ventured into projects connected and concerned with history, culture, society, and art history. A common theme through their works has been perspectives on past, present, and future. Whether that is in the construction or compositions of their projects, they focus on intertwining old with new.

As a team, they view their art as a medium to present real-life issues or topics that concern the masses and areas of human experiences. This is to form an attempt of dialogue by involving the viewer physically and emotionally within their pieces. Their collective works reflect the preservation and continuity of knowledge, language, and communication. Utilizing their friendship alongside their mixed media team provides an ability to venture into large-scale projects and investigate issues relatable to each other or as a whole. This is also seen by the use of multi-layered ideas and functions of their art.

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